St Eugene College, Burpengary Gets Behind Local Businesses

Andrew McCarthy-Wood: At just over 17 minutes past 9 o’clock you’re listening to 101.5 FM Moreton Bay’s own radio station. This is the Wednesday Community Forum for the Morning magazine. Now, something I want to have a bit of a chat about, it’s an event that I sort of got involved in inadvertently. St. Eugene’s College, you know how I talked about earlier this is the region that innovates, St. Eugene’s College is doing exactly that. They’ve set up like a business networking group. This is where it’s exciting. You’ve got a school there that is wanting to get heavily involved in the community and this is the way that they’re doing that. They’re giving back to the community. They look for the community of Burpengary which the 101.5 FM broadcasts one and truly across that area, the school is hosting and incubating a networking group so that businesses can come together. They network with each other and they can build a vibrant community there so that Burpengary gets itself on the map for being a great place to do business.

That will likely lead towards more investment, more people coming to the region, and more people realizing there are great businesses in this local area. This is the same for the whole of the Moreton Bay region. The region that innovates. It needs to live by that. It needs to grow. It needs to become a vibrant business community. We’ve got a university, another university, coming to the region, which is going to be great for innovation. It’s going to be great for the young people as they come up through they leave high school and then they can take that next step and not have to leave the region to further their studies to set themselves up for their future career. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

The other thing that this group is doing which is really good is they’re very much combining. They’re having the two offline and online networking mechanisms crash into each other. You will see in the community that these businesses will network with each other in real terms face-to-face and they will also network online, which is a really good innovative way of doing things. St. Eugene’s College is really putting their efforts where their mouths are and they’re also going to put a directory together, which I’ll keep you posted on because it’s a pretty exciting thing where these businesses that are involved in it are going to be on this directory and that will encourage people in Burpengary and surrounding areas to deal with local businesses rather than naturally and easily going outside the region to seek services.

You might have a view on this. You might have an idea for the Moreton Bay region as to what we can do to really invigorate business in this local area. You can give us a call on 54951015 or email us If you want to have a discussion about this, of course I’ll mention Facebook. Head to 101.5FM, you might have the next big idea that really helps put this Moreton Bay region, the collective areas that came together as a result of amalgamation being the Caboolture region, the Redcliffe region, and the Pine River region to put this overall region right up on the map as a place to do business. Maybe we can throw all of this, attract some of the big corporates around the country so that they sit up and take notice and go, “Hey, the Moreton Bay region may be the perfect place for us to put a head office.” Imagine the investment that comes with that.

You have a look at the Moreton Bay region, we have the Bruce Highway that goes right up through the middle of it. We’ve got train lines, I mention that every time I do the Moreton magazine. We’ve got great infrastructure that we can take advantage of that can service businesses that maybe just haven’t thought about that before. What sort of businesses would you maybe like to see come to the region. You can also send us an email or give us a call on that. This is your show so get involved in it.

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