Abbey Community, Caboolture Church COVID-19 Message

Father George from the Abbey Community, Caboolture Church has delivered an inspirational message to the Moreton Bay Region.

“So, we as a local community in this Moreton Bay region, we’re all in this difficult time together,” Father George said in the video message.

“I’ve seen so many wonderful things happening already amongst people, so many people in the community reaching out in the best way they can to help others.

“It’s been an upliftment of spirit for me to see this happening amongst people, just normal people, just normal Australians, in this Moreton Bay region.

“We’re tougher here than any COVID-19 and anything that they can throw against us.

“When we come together and share that spirit of courage and that spirit of being able to go through anything with each other’s help, that is where we show our true colours.

“That is where we show our true colours as the Moreton Bay region.

“So may we continue to take that light into the future, and God bless us all,” Father George concluded.

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By Andrew McCarthy-Wood

News Videographer/Photographer/Journalist and Media/Communications Consultant.